What is a FireKeeper


In Leviticus 9:24, the Creator blessed the establishment of His tabernacle by sending fire from heaven to light the altar. He also warned people against strange fire. Later, it was prophesied that His Son, Yahshua the Messiah would baptize people with Holy Spirit fire (Luke 3:16). In the Native culture, we understand the concept of sacred fire. We understand the difference between what is sacred (set apart, holy) and what is not (profane, strange, ordinary). The Lord has put us in the paths of those of the elder generations who have been given sacred fire of revival and they have prayed to impart to us the sacred fire that was given to them. We believe that this is the time that Billy Graham prophesied about the Native people when he said in 1975:

“The Native American are like a sleeping giant. When they awaken, they will be the evangelist to win America back to Christ!”

This is the generation in which the Indigenous people are awakening to their purpose and calling having known The Creator for centuries and the traditional stories of Creator's Son are resurfacing again in a time when forgiveness is being released by First Nation and healing is rejuvenating The People. The prophecies are coming true! We can even see the stirrings of secular and non-secular Native people and causes being brought into mainstream media with issues like the protection of the water and land as well as fighting for broken treaties to be honored. We are seeing First Nations spiritually rising and like ANNA Call in Tahlequah, Ok followed by All Tribes DC where thousands of indigenous believers and many other nations came together to witness the release of forgiveness without asking for an apology for all the broken covenants, genocide and mistreatment of the indigenous people of this land. 

Please consider sowing seed into this ministry from First Nations to The Nations, there is much to do as we walk in our kairos destiny preparing for The Great Chief CornerStone to return and make things new once again. 
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